Prepare Your Florida Will


My name is Philip S. Karle.  I am an attorney licensed by the Florida Bar to provide legal services and representation to residents of Florida.  I have started this website to provide the citizens of Florida with an easily accessible and affordable way to have their Wills prepared by a competent and accountable Florida Bar Attorney.

What’s special about your website?

This website provides you with the expertise and knowledge of a qualified Florida Bar attorney to assist you in preparation of your Last Will and Testament and various estate planning documents, at a fraction of the typical costs for these vital documents.

Can’t I Just Use a Form from the store?

In order to save money, there are lots of options available to you; you could find a free  form online and try to modify it yourself to create your Will, or you could pay an online document assembly website to “fill-in-the-blank” with your estate plan.  But how can you be sure that these documents will meet the requirements of the Florida Probate Code and stand up in court to fulfill your ultimate desires???  That’s what an attorney can do.

So, What Do I Need to Do?

Using my online “Get a Florida Will” website, you are provided with individualized representation to prepare and guide you in setting out your desired estate plan.  Please review the information available on this website and review the articles in our online blog to get more information about why a legally-binding Florida Will is so important to prepare.  Thank you!